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Our History, Mission, Purpose, and Values


Corts Consulting began business in 1983 as the company banner through which our principal, Dr. Paul Corts, provided consulting to higher education institutions, non-profit organizations, and other entities.   Until 2012 Corts provided limited consulting services on a part-time basis while serving in a variety of executive positions.  In 2012, Corts began offering his consulting services on a full-time basis. To strengthen our ability to undertake larger and more complex consulting assignments, we forged alliances with other independent consultants to provide specialized expertise as needed on major projects.  Corts also joined AGB Search, the nation's premier executive search firm committed solely to higher education, to offer his assistance with executive searches.  Corts continues to perform all other consulting work through Corts Consulting LLC.   


To help higher education institutions and leaders excel and flourish in successfully fulfilling their insitutional missions.


To improve institutional governance and leadership through high quality consulting services targeted to boards and presidents utilizing analytics,  research, insight and experience.


  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Transparency
  • High ROI
  • Service

Our Principal

Dr. Paul Corts has a distinguished career in higher education, having served as president of Palm Beach Atlantic University (FL) 1991-2002 and as president of Wingate University (NC) 1983-1991. Prior to his presidential roles, he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer at Oklahoma Baptist University 1978-1983 and as faculty member and in several academic administrative positions at Western Kentucky University 1968-78, concluding his service there as associate dean for instruction in the academic vice president’s office. 

Dr. Corts left the presidency of Palm Beach Atlantic to join the Bush Administration as Assistant Attorney General for Administration, U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) following the 2001 terrorist attacks on America. He served at DOJ from 2002-2006, where he also served on the President’s Management Council, the Federal Prison Industries Board, the federal CFO Council, and a number of other federal councils and boards.  Corts left government to return to higher education as president of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU), a presidentially led, Washington-based international association.  He retired from CCCU in 2012 and joined AGB Search as an executive search consultant.  

Dr. Corts is author or editor of a number of books and speaks and consults widely on higher education. 

He served many professional organizations in higher education and has also served on local, regional, national, and international boards. Dr. Corts holds a B.A. degree from Georgetown College (KY) and received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Indiana University.  

Our Services

We offer a wide range of consulting services and always strive to be flexible in adapting our services to meet the specific needs of our clients.  Below is a topical list of our most frequently requested service areas.  You can see a fuller description of these on by clicking the "Services" button. 

Governing Board Assessments

Administrative Reviews

Analytical Studies

Balanced Scorecard Development

Executive Search Assistance

Governing Board Governance 


Governing Documents Review: Bylaws

Governing Documents Review: Board Standing Policies Manual

Presidential Assessments: Annual

Presidential 360 Reviews

Presidential Compensation Consultations

Mentoring or Coaching

Individualized Audits, Reviews, Services Tailored to Specific Institutional Needs


Introductory Consultation to Learn Your Needs

We offer a complimentary consultation to learn about your needs and interests in our services and to explain our programs and processes. After this initial consultation, we can begin to prepare a proposal tailored to your needs.

Professional Consultations to Meet Your Needs

While we often have a packaged program that will meet the needs of our clients, many requests are best served through individualized consultations.  W perform this consulting work on either an hourly or daily basis at very reasonable rates.

Professional Programs to Meet Your Needs

We offer a wide range of professionally prepared consulting programs and always strive to be flexible in adapting our services to meet the specific needs of our clients.  These programs are reasonably priced per package, on an hourly/daily basis, or some combination.

Professionally Prepared Programs

Governing Board Assessments

we provide professional, independent annual and comprehensive assessments.  Governing boards have a unique responsibility to set a sterling example for all university personnel by assessing their work and demonstrating their desire to function at their very best.

Administrative Reviews

These vary in scope from being single-purposed all the way to being university-wide. These vary in design and purpose but often involve a team of professionals working under the direction of our Principal to assess different administrative operations and programs – academic or managerial.  The goals usually focus on effectiveness, efficiencies, and enhancements

Analytical Studies

We utilize a variety of experts to assist with performing analytical studies on a wide variety of issues in most all of the administrative areas of the typical university. We focus on internal data often overlooked and as appropriate, we identify and utilize external available databases.

Balanced Scorecard

We work with institutions to create or refine a balanced scorecard, which is a helpful tool to give a quick graphical portrait overview of how an institution is performing in relation to its stated goals.

Executive Search

Our Principal, Dr. Paul Corts, serves as an executive search consultant with AGB Search and does executive search work exclusively through this outstanding national organization. Please go to for detailed information about the firm and its services and how Dr. Corts can assist you with your search needs.

Governing Board Governance Workshop

A typical governance workshop is usually conducted in conjunction with a board meeting or as a board retreat.  Our curriculum covers a wide array of topics that are packaged into a four-part program. However, boards can select individual topics from the curriculum that meet their needs to create their own unique educational program.

Governance Documents Review: Bylaws

We provide a comprehensive review of your institution’s bylaws to bring them up-to-date with current standards and best practices.  We work with appropriate university and board personnel to provide recommendations and suggestions for changes that you can make; or, we offer a full service that provides a draft re-statement of your bylaws.

Governance Documents Review: Board Standing Policies Manual

We provide a comprehensive review of your institution’s policy manual to ensure it is up-to-date and is organized consistent with currant standards and best practices.  For institutions that do not have a policy manual, we offer a full service to assist in creating a manual of your board’s policies.

Presidential Assessments: Annual

Our annual assessment program is a light review designed to identify any emerging issues.  We offer this at a very low price to encourage boards and presidents to faithfully undertake this important assessment responsibility.

Presidential Compensation Consultation

We provide an independent, thorough review, identify peer and aspirant institution’s compensation data, and offer a comprehensive list of options to consider including in the presidential agreement.

Mentoring or Coaching

Add our Principal’s nearly 50 years of excellent academic and administrative leadership to your institution’s leadership team.  We tailor our service to your needs with either a mentoring or coaching relationship.

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We understand that each institution's situation and needs are unique.  We tailor our packaged programs to the particular need and situation of your institution.  Beyond our packaged programs our individualized consulting is available to assist you with your special need.  Contact us today to explore how we can help!

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